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What is EverKey?

  • Copy Protection for Software.
  • Control where and how your Software Products are used.
  • Create Trial Evaluation Packages.
  • Provides Flexible Marketing Options.
  • Reduce Losses due to Software Piracy.
  • Let EverKey Enforce your License so you can focus on your Product.

What Can You Do With EverKey?

  • Limit Number of Program Runs.
  • Limit Program Operation by Number of Days or until an exact Expire-Date.
  • Enable or Disable Program Features.
  • Remotely Change, Renew or Remove any Limits built into Keys.
  • Burn Customer Registration Name, Company and Contact Info into Keys.

Az-Tech Changes Main Voice Phone Number

Old Number Will Continue To Work Indefinitely

RICHMOND, Missouri - January 10, 2020
Az-Tech New Phone Number

Az-Tech New Phone Number

The new Voice Phone Number for Az-Tech is now 816-494-2900.  Although the old number (816-533-7206) is still in operation, it will be discontinued at some point.  So, we recommend that you begin using the new number as soon as possible.

For the few Customers that still communicate with us via Fax, please use the same new number, 816-494-2900, to send your Fax.  The old Fax number (816-533-7218) has been discontinued.

There are no changes to our Hours of Operation.  The new phone number will still be answered from 9am to 4pm Central Time on Monday thru Friday.


FTsafe SDK Update With Windows 8/8.1/10 Support

Release Addresses Some Windows 8 and 10 Issues

RICHMOND, Missouri - August 29, 2016
FTsafe Logo

FTsafe Minor Update

In response to some Customer reports that FTsafe has problems with Windows 8.1, Az-Tech has released Version 1.43 of the SDK.  It supports Windows 98 through Windows 10, except Windows RT.

Included is the software tool for Envelope Encryption and a full-featured Editor tool for setting up and examining the contents of your Rockey4NDs. 

Also provided are many Source Code Samples in various languages that demonstrate how to use the API for custom security checks.  The Developer's Guide in PDF format is included, which explains everything about the Utility programs and the Rockey4ND API.

The SDK is available immediately from the Downloads page of


Feitian Exhibits At 25th RSA Conference

13 Straight Years of Exhibiting at RSA Conference

SAN FRANCISCO, California - February 29, 2016
Feitian Exhibits At RSA 2016

Feitian Exhibits At RSA 2016

Az-Tech's Partner, Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd., exhibited at the 2016 RSA Security Conference in San Francisco from February 29th through March 4th.  This is the 13th year in a row that Feitian has been an Exhibitor at the conference.  The main Feitian Booth S2645 was in the South Expo Hall of Moscone Center. 

Feitian and Az-Tech have been partners since 2002. 

Each year, security experts from all over the world gather at the RSA Conference to obtain the latest tools and information to protect their organization and Customers.  This year's theme was "Connect to Protect" and marked the 25th year of the conference with over 500 Exhibitors, 400+ Educational Sessions and a crowd of more than 33,000 Attendees. 


Az-Tech Re-Certified For PCI Compliance

ControlScan Issues Certificate for 2015-2016

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - September 30, 2015

Az-Tech has been re-Certified for PCI Compliance for another year.  The Certificate was issued by ControlScan, a highly respected and trusted security firm.  ControlScan holds the designations of Approved Scanning Vendor and Qualified Security Assessor

The PCI Data Security Standard is a multifaceted security standard that includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures.  The PCI Data Security Standard is comprised of 12 general requirements designed to: Build and maintain a secure network; Protect cardholder data; Ensure the maintenance of vulnerability management programs; Implement strong access control measures; Regularly monitor and test networks; and Ensure the maintenance of information security policies.

PCI DSS Compliant

Click To View

In security terms, this means that Az-Tech adheres to the PCI DSS requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures.  In operational terms, it means that Az-Tech is doing everything possible to protect Customers' payment card data throughout every transaction. 

The Certificate of PCI Compliance issued by ControlScan can be viewed by clicking the Seal to the right.


EverKey Renew Program Minor Upgrade

Backward Compatibility for Success Messages and Cleanup for Error Messages

RICHMOND, Missouri - February 3, 2015
Renew Gets Minor Upgrade

Renew Success Messages Old and New

EverKey Release Version 6.7.3 adds some additional backward-compatibility and a little polish to the Version 6 Renew program. 

Support was added for a new /T Command-Line option.  This option specifies a Terse mode for messages so that the "Number of Days Added" or "Number of Runs Added" is not displayed once the Renew operation completes successfully.  This is similar to the information displayed in the Version 2 Renew32 program.  For Developers that don't wish to use a Command-Line option, the Terse mode will automatically be used if the Renew program is renamed to Reset.exe.

Also, the Error Summary Messages used in the Title Line was shortened so they were not truncated when certain Windows themes and fonts were being used.  The full text explanation of the Error in the Message Box was not changed.

This Release supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP-SP2 thru Windows 8.1, including Pro and Enterprise Editions.  Windows RT (ARM Tablet) is not supported.

Use this link to download the newest Version 6 Renew program.


EverKey Knowledgebase Launched

Access all EverKey Documentation from any SmartPhone, Tablet or Computer

RICHMOND, Missouri - November 25, 2014
New EverKey Knowledgebase

New EverKey Knowledgebase

All the latest EverKey documentation has now been added to an online knowledgebase available from the website.  This includes Frequently Asked Questions, Helpful Tips and the complete User Guide. 

The knowledgebase has an excellent Search Engine which makes it a lot easier to find answers to your questions or just learn about the many new features that have been added over the past year.  Support for Mobile Devices was a primary consideration for selecting the new knowledgebase software.  This means you can easily access the knowledgebase from any smartphone, tablet or computer. 

If you can't find the information you need from the knowledgebase, you can now create a Support Ticket to address any question or problem.  The Tickets are tracked and managed by our Support Staff, which is a big improvement over the previous system that used Email Forms. 

At the Launch of the knowledgebase system, there are already a number of new Explanations and Tips and we will continue to add more information in the coming weeks.  Also, in 2015, the system will be "re-skinned" to match the look and feel of the website. 

Here is the link to the new EverKey Support Knowledgebase


New EverKey Example Source Code Released

Version 6.7.2 Release Contains New C#, C++ and VB Examples

RICHMOND, Missouri - November 9, 2014
C# Example Program

New C# Example Program

EverKey Version 6.7.2 was released with completely redesigned Example Source Code that demonstrates how to use the KeyChk DLL.  The KeyChk DLL is used to check and verify the presence of your unique Keys. 

The new Example Source Code is written in C#, C++ and Visual Basic and provided as Visual Studio 2010 Solutions.  This version of Visual Studio was selected to allow compatibility with the largest number of Developers. 

Now all Example programs use the same method of operation and display the same SCB fields with the same screen layout.  The new programs are also heavily Commented to explain exactly what the code is doing. 

The KeyChk Documention was also updated in this release to reflect some of the simplifications used by the new Example Source Code.

EverKey Version 6.7.2 supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP-SP2 thru Windows 8.1, including Pro and Enterprise Editions.  Windows RT (ARM Tablet) is not supported.

Use this link to download the latest EverKey With New Example Source Code.


 EverKey Goes Pink!

Now Choose From Seven Colors And Help Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

RICHMOND, Missouri - October 1, 2014
EverKey Goes Pink!

EverKey Goes Pink!

Az-Tech is introducing a new Pink EverKey Rockey4ND in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The case is translucent and you can clearly see the internal circuitry surrounded by a Pink halo.  Inside the case is the same great solid electronics of the proven driverless Rockey4ND. 

For each Pink Rockey4ND purchased, Az-Tech will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  During Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), the donation will be doubled to $2 per Pink Rockey4ND sold.  The mission of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world's most promising research.  So far, they have funded almost 9 million hours of research to not only find a cure for breast cancer, but improve the quality of care for those already affected.  You can find out more information about this excellent organization here.

Pink Ribbon

The new Rockey4ND is available immediately as a stocked item, bringing the total number of translucent colors to seven; Green, Blue, Gray, Purple, Brown, Red and now Pink!  As always, each one comes with a free matching Dust Cap and there is no charge for mixing colors in the same order. 

Go to Ordering Information

EverKey Gets Expiring Renew Codes (Again!)

KeyBuild Version 6 Can Now Build Renew Codes That Expire In 7 Days

RICHMOND, Missouri - September 28, 2014
KeyBuild Gets Expiring Renew Codes

KeyBuild Gets Expiring Renew Codes

The latest EverKey update to the KeyBuild program restores the option to build Renew Codes that expire in 7 days.  The default is to build Renew Codes that do not expire, but this can be changed from the Preferences panel.  As always, each Renew Code can only be used once before it expires. 

Expiring Renew Codes were actually built by default in EverKey Version 1.0, released in 1990.  However, in those days, a Renew Code was typically sent by fax or post and the resulting delay often caused it to expire before it could be used.  So, Az-Tech removed Expiring Renew Codes in EverKey Version 2.  Now, this feature is being re-introduced, due to recent Customer demand. 

In order to start using Expiring Renew Codes, you must update your KeyBuild and Renew programs to Version 6.7.1 or later.  We have kept all non-Expiring Renew Codes backward compatible, so you will only need to email the new Renew program to EXISTING Customers who will use Expiring Renew Codes.  Of course, for NEW Customers, we always recommend you provide the latest version of the Renew program. 

This Release supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP-SP2 thru Windows 8.1, including Pro and Enterprise Editions.  Windows RT (ARM Tablet) is not supported.

Use this link to download the newest KeyBuild and Renew with Expiring Renew Codes.


Az-Tech Store Opens To Fourteen More Countries

Customers In 22 Countries Can Now Order 24x7

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - August 31, 2014
Store Opens To More Countries

Store Opens To 14 More Countries

The Az-Tech Store has been expanded to allow products to be shipped to the countries of Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Ireland (Republic), Italy, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.  That brings the total to 22 supported countries.

This is the second time that Az-Tech has added countries to their online store and they plan to update the Store again before the end of 2014.  If you have a request for a specific country to add, please send an email to Karissa Stuart at .  Of course, if you are not in one of the supported countries, Az-Tech will continue taking your Orders via Phone or Email. 

Here are some Great Advantages to Ordering Online:

The Az-Tech Store uses Extended Validation SSL to display a "Green Bar" and Padlock in the browser, so you can see at a glance that you are getting the strongest protection available against Phishing attacks and session eavesdropping.  All Major Credit Cards are accepted, i.e. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. 

Go to Ordering Information


SD Times Magazine Says EverKey "Means Business"

EverKey Included In Latest Roundup of Top License Managers

SDTIMES.COM - August 26, 2014
SD Times Magazine

SD Times Magazine

In August, Lisa Morgan at SD Times online magazine wrote an article about the top License Managers.  It examined how they have evolved to handle the current business models that software developers are using to market their software.

EverKey was recognized for its ease-of-use, comprehensive marketing features and ability to reduce piracy risks.

From the SD Times article:

"EverKey allows fine-grain control of where and how software products are used.  It provides the flexibility to market software as a standalone package, trial evaluation, or bundled with other products.  Using EverKey, it is easy to control execution limits, time limits and feature limits.  The product reduces software piracy risks, helps end customers comply with license agreements, and enables more effective marketing of software products."

Here's the link to the article on the SD Times website: Software Licensing Trends Mean Business.


EverKey KeyBuild Renew Codes Panel Released

Build Renew Codes Directly From the KeyBuild Program

RICHMOND, Missouri - June 20, 2014
KeyBuild Renew Codes Panel

The New KeyBuild Renew Codes Panel

Az-Tech has released an update to the KeyBuild program which adds the ability to build Renew Codes.  Previously, this was done with the separate Kecodes program, which is no longer needed.  Renew Codes allow you to remotely update the protection options in Keys that have already been installed by your Customer. 

You can begin using this new feature immediately by just clicking on the Renew Codes panel tab, which is right next to the Build Keys panel tab.  For backward compatibility, this version of KeyBuild builds all types of Renew Codes used by EverKey Version 2, including Codes used to update the User-Data Flags.  Of course, you can now build Renew Codes to update the new Feature-Flags, which support the expanded Marketing features of EverKey Version 6.  Feature-Flags can be individually or collectively turned On, Off or Set with a single Renew Code. 

You can build up to 100 codes at a time and with Logging turned on (this is the default), you will always have a complete record of all Renew Codes built.  For total automation of your Production, the Renew Codes can be built using Batch Mode, which allows a Parent Program or Batch File to completely control the KeyBuild process. 

This Release supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP-SP2 thru Windows 8.1, including Pro and Enterprise Editions.  Windows RT (ARM Tablet) is not supported.

Use this link to download the newest KeyBuild with Renew Codes Panel.


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