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EVERKEY v2.31 Supports USB

RICHMOND, Missouri - May 14, 2002

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This is a Major Upgrade. Of course, the big news is the USB support, but there are many other improvements that you're going to like.  We've spent a lot of time "finishing" this release. Error Codes were syncronized, diagnostics were added, message text was made clearer and more consistent.  Device Drivers were split out to a separate install and we added the first version of the Azdrvrs.exe diagnostic program.  The User's Manual received a major overhaul too.  And those are just the minor changes!  Here's a summary of the major changes since v2.22:


USB Rockey

USB Protection Devices are Supported.  The new USB Devices are called "Rockeys".  Our other Devices which support Parallel (LPT) and Serial (COM) ports are called "iButtons".  The protection check doesn't care if the Authorization comes from a Rockey or an iButton, so you can use whichever device is most appropriate.

16-Bit Protected Programs Now Support Windows 2K/XP. The UserPort driver (written by Tomas Franzon) included with this release allows 16-bit programs to access iButtons when running on Windows 2000 or Windows XP.  Please note that the UserPort driver is not required for Rockeys or 32-bit programs.

Registry Entry Tells Which Ports to Check.  Using a file with a .REG extension, you can easily update the Registry to tell EVERKEY which ports to check for Authorization Devices.  This feature can be used to eliminate interference with dedicated equipment hooked up to certain computer I/O ports.  It can also be used to speed up the Authorization check by just checking the single port where your Authorization Device is installed.

New Lasered-ID SCB Field Guaranteed Unique.  We've added a new 8-byte Lasered-ID field that replaces the ROM Serial# field.  The new field contains the identification number that is guaranteed unique for every EVERKEY Rockey and iButton.  This field can be retrieved and verified with the new KECHK Function 4.  For backward compatibility, the obsolete ROM Serial# field will continue to be supported.

EVERKEY v2.31 supports DOS and all versions of Windows.  This release is backward compatible to v2.19.