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Az-Tech Expands Feitian Partnership

RICHMOND, Missouri - April 30, 2004

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Az-Tech Software, Inc. strengthens and expands its relationship with Feitian by becoming a distributor of Feitian's ePass security tokens.  Since 2002, Az-Tech's EVERKEY product has been based on Feitian's Rockey hardware.  "From the beginning, Feitian's Rockey hardware has been rock solid in the field and our Customers have loved the colorful and stylish appearance," said Bill Lewis, founder and CEO of Az-Tech.  "For several months, we have been looking to expand both our product offerings and our relationship with Feitian.  Adding ePass to our product line was a natural."  "Feitian has always been an engineering-centric company", says Cecile Stadler, VP Global Marketing, "having partners like Az-Tech, who know the local market and can build solutions around our products, allows us each to focus on what we do best."  Az-Tech will be distributing Feitian's ePass1000 and ePass2000 products in the United States and Canada.

About Az-Tech Software, Inc.
Az-Tech Software, Inc. was launched in 1986 as a software security company, producing and shipping one of the first software-based copy protection systems available for the IBM PC.  The later versions of this initial product, EVERLOCK and EVERKEY, based on Rockey hardware, remain in widespread use worldwide.  After 17 years, Az-Tech is still proving itself to be one of the Leaders In Software Security.  For more information about Az-Tech or its products, please visit or contact Gloria McBee, Sales Manager at

About Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.
Feitian is a leading provider of USB and SmartCard security products since 1998.  Feitian's products include Rockey dongles for the highest levels of software protection and ePass security tokens for user authentication and e-commerce security.  Feitian's commitment to the IT security field may be seen in its growing roster of products and development partners.  For more information about Feitian, please visit or contact Cecile Stadler at