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ePass Authentication Tokens Now Available

RICHMOND, Missouri - May 27, 2004

ePass Token

ePass is an inexpensive, small, lightweight and fully portable device that connects to the USB port of any personal computer.  It does not require any additional power supply or reader.  ePass has full support for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, MAC OS 8/9 and Linux.

ePass is the ideal solution for PKI and SmartCard applications, two-factor authentication, E-mail encryption, SSL secured websites, password consolidation, secure login and more.

ePass1000 Tokens

ePass1000 Tokens

ePass tokens come in two models: ePass1000 and ePass2000.  The primary difference between the models is that ePass2000 has an internal SmartCard which supports generation of public and private keys, which are not exposed on the PC.  Although the ePass1000 is very secure, the SmartCard makes the ePass2000 super secure.

ePass2000 With Internal SmartCard

ePass2000 With
Internal SmartCard

Both ePass1000 and ePass2000 are available in four translucent colors: Red, Blue, Purple and Green.  All colors have the same prices and delivery terms.

ePass offers SERIOUS security for your Digital Certificates, Private Keys, Passwords, Credit Card Numbers and other credentials.

Contact us today for an ePass Software Developer's Kit (SDK).