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EverKey KeyBuild Version 6 Released

RICHMOND, Missouri - November 19, 2013

Support for Rockey4NDs, Multiple Build, Feature-Flags and More

EverKey KeyBuild Version 6

EverKey KeyBuild Version 6

Az-Tech has Released the first major upgrade to the KeyBuild program since Version 2.  This version adds new functionality and enhances the existing features of the last release.  Best of all, backward compatibility is maintained for existing Customers. 

KeyBuild now supports the newer Rockey4ND Keys, which are Faster and have More Memory.  They also eliminate the number-one Support issue of requiring Device Drivers to be installed by the End User.  KeyBuild still supports Rockey4 Keys which are backward compatible with ALL Version 2 programs. 

One of the most requested features was to be able to program more than one Key at a time.  The new KeyBuild allows you to program up to 10 Keys at a time, giving each one a different Serial Number.  For high-volume, production environments, we have expanded Batch Mode support to include every option used by the GUI version of KeyBuild.  The enhanced Logging functionality records all program activity in an easy to read text format, so you will always have a record of exactly what was done and when it was done. 

KeyBuild Build Keys Summary

KeyBuild Build Keys Summary

There are many Major Improvements in this Release.  Here is just a Summary of the New and Updated Features in KeyBuild v6:

EverKey Driverless Key

KeyBuild v6 is available now from the Downloads page of  It works with your existing Options files and Rockey4 Keys, but we recommend you try the faster, driverless Rockey4NDs.  They are available from Az-Tech's online store at  All Store orders include Free 2-Day Air Shipping anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. 

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