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Rockey4 Certified for Windows Vista

BEIJING, China - April 29, 2007

Certified For Windows Vista

Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd, the leading Chinese software protection and strong authentication technology provider, announced its Rockey4 has been granted Logo Certification for Windows Vista by Microsoft.

"With the support from Microsoft and the hard work of the applicant, we got the best result within the shortest period", said Mr. Liang, Developer and Platform Evangelist, Microsoft China.

The Rockey4 devices are a key component of the Everkey Protection System.  "We are very happy that these drivers are available, so our Customers can have Vista support now for their End Users.", said Bill J. Lewis, General Manager of Az-Tech.

The new Rockey4 Device Drivers also support Windows XP x64.  They are immediately available from the Downloads section of the website.

About Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.
Feitian Technologies is a solution provider and manufacturer of USB security devices used for software protection, network authentication and secure applications.  Our mission is to protect the information and software assets of your business by providing cost effective products that allow you to easily build security into your applications and network. For more information about Feitian, please visit

About Az-Tech Software, Inc.
Az-Tech Software, Inc. was launched in 1986 as a software security company, producing and shipping one of the first software-based copy protection systems available for the IBM PC.  The later versions of this initial product, EVERLOCK and EVERKEY, based on Rockey hardware, remain in widespread use worldwide.  After 21 years, Az-Tech is still proving itself to be one of the Leaders In Software Security.  For more information about Az-Tech or its products, please visit or contact Gloria McBee, Sales Manager at