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RICHMOND, Missouri - June 14, 2011

Verisign Secured

The entire website is now being scanned daily for zero-day malware threats.  This helps protect Visitors from malicious injections and scripts that would cause a drive-by-download to their computer. 

Verisign was chosen to perform the daily scan.  They are a recognized leader in both Internet Security and Mission-Critical Outsourced Services.  Their Seal is displayed at the bottom of every web page that is free of malware.  Clicking on the Seal opens a window showing the date and status of the last malware scan. 

To further protect Customers, Az-Tech now displays the checksums for EVERY file on the Downloads page.  This allows the Developer to verify that the downloaded file is not corrupted or infected.  If the checksum of the download matches, the file is identical to the pristine original. 

Recently, an Az-Tech Customer reported that malware had infected one of the downloads on  Due to their strict formalized procedures for website updates, it turned out to be a "false-positive".  A false-positive is where the anti-malware scanner reports a virus or trojan that isn't really there.  The anti-malware companies have a LOT of malware to track and it's surprising that these false-positives don't happen more often. 

According to Bill J. Lewis, General Manager of Az-Tech, "False-positives are a big problem for all software companies, regardless of size.  Anyone can be blacklisted by the search engines and web browsers.  In April, CBS MoneyWatch, a ZDNet sister site, was blacklisted by Google due to a false positive."  He continues, "However, getting OFF the blacklist is definitely tougher for smaller companies who don't have the resources to deal with up to 100 different anti-malware companies.  Many of these companies don't even have a formal system in place to report false-positives."  "The best defense is to not get infected or blacklisted in the first place and Az-Tech is doing everything possible to ensure that." he concludes. 

Unfortunately, not all security vendors take this proactive approach to protecting their Customers.  But with, Visitors should now feel a lot safer while browsing or downloading. 

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Az-Tech Software, Inc. was launched in 1986 as a software security company, producing and shipping one of the first software-based copy protection systems available for the IBM PC.  The later versions of this initial product, EVERLOCK and EVERKEY, based on Rockey hardware, remain in widespread use worldwide.  After 25 years, Az-Tech is still proving itself to be one of the Leaders In Software Security.  For more information about Az-Tech or its products, please visit or contact Gloria McBee, Sales Manager at