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Az-Tech Opens New Office In Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - January 1, 2013

New Shipping Office Allows Lower Rates and Faster Service

Az-Tech Opens Las Vegas Office

Az-Tech Opens Las Vegas Office

Az-Tech is very happy to announce the opening of a new office in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

This office will be primarily dedicated to handling the Orders and Shipping Operations for Az-Tech's growing USA business. 

The Las Vegas office is in the Pacific Time zone which is two hours earlier than the Richmond office located in Central Time.  This allows the cutoff time for Orders to be changed from Noon to 2pm, resulting in more orders shipped on the same day they are received. 

Additionally, McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas supports more daily flights to more locations than the Kansas City airport.  And since Las Vegas is the second Sunniest city in the United States, there are very few weather delays to slow down outgoing shipments.

The bottom line is that this new office will allow Az-Tech to give their Customers the best shipping rates and the fastest possible service. 

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Az-Tech Software, Inc. was launched in 1986 as a software security company, producing and shipping one of the first software-based copy protection systems available for the IBM PC.  The later versions of this initial product, EVERLOCK and EVERKEY, based on Rockey hardware, remain in widespread use worldwide.  For more than a quarter century, Az-Tech is still proving itself to be one of the Leaders In Software Security.  For more information about Az-Tech or its products, please visit or contact Karissa Stuart, Marketing Manager at