Az-Tech Software Az-Tech News Upgraded To EV SSL Security

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - February 14, 2013

Green URL Bar Assures High Security While On Az-Tech Web Sites Green Bar Security! Green Bar Security!

The entire website has been upgraded to use an Extended Validation SSL Security Certificate. 

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates are the next generation of SSL certificates because they work with high security Web Browsers to clearly display a Website owner's identity.  Not only is the name of the website owner clearly displayed, but the address bar turns green to identify this site as having an EV SSL Certificate.  And of course, the familiar Padlock is displayed as an icon of trust. 

Although regular SSL Certificates cause the Browser to display a Padlock, the address bar does not turn green and the website Visitor is not shown the identity of the website owner. 

Since most Internet crimes rely on false identity, the Certificate Authority that issues the EV SSL must adhere to an audited, rigorous validation process that verifies:

This stringent identity vetting process allows website Visitors to immediately know the actual Company that owns the website, thereby exposing attempted Phishing attacks. Verified Identity Verified Identity

EV SSL Certificates also make it easy to "drill down" into the details behind the certificate.  By clicking on the Padlock or Name in the URL bar, the website Visitor can see more details about who owns the website and which Certificate Authority issued the EV SSL Certificate.  Most Browsers also display a "More Information" button that shows the level of encryption, term or the certificate, etc. 

Every day since June 2011, the entire site has been scanned for malware.  By combining this daily malware scan with the highest class of SSL certificate, Az-Tech has really stepped up the level of protection for Visitors to

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Az-Tech Software, Inc. was launched in 1986 as a software security company, producing and shipping one of the first software-based copy protection systems available for the IBM PC.  The later versions of this initial product, EVERLOCK and EVERKEY, based on Rockey hardware, remain in widespread use worldwide.  For more than a quarter century, Az-Tech is still proving itself to be one of the Leaders In Software Security.  For more information about Az-Tech or its products, please visit or contact Karissa Stuart, Marketing Manager at